Monday, December 29, 2008


Hai all readers of this blog " A very happy and prosperous new year 2009 for all of you".


1) Investment is only to the minimum of USD 5000.
2)The operational control of the account is always with the investor which ensures safety.
3) A minimum of 36% ROI annually or more is the targeted profit for twelve months.
4)There is a device called circuit breaker to minimise loss.
5) Performance fee is payable only if profits are made in the account.
6)Performance fee is to be paid only after the end of the first quarter.No other fees like entry fee, exit fee or even maintainance fee on managing your accounts.
7)The entire profits generated can be withdrawn at the end of the 4th quarter.
8) Your capital will be doubled in three years by this Program.
9) You will be dealing with the best forex maker in the industry.
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Method, Money and Mind

Trading is a life experience , it is not like any other business.As you become a better trader, you become a better person. But as you evolve it is difficult to look back at where you were.Dr.Alexander Elder describes about three M's. Method, Money and Mind.Method refers to how you find your trades- how you decide what to buy and sell.Each trader needs a method for choosing specefic stocks, bullions, commodities, currencies, futures, or options as well as rules for ' pulling the trigger' deciding exactly when to buy and sell.Money refers to how you manage your trading capital.You may have a brilliant trading system , but if your money management is poor, you are guranteed to lose money.You have good system, money management and if you dont have the commitment and discipline to stick to your system and money management , then also you are sure to lose in the currency markets.Hence Mehtod, Money Management and your Mind are important in trading.Traders go through three stages of development.In the first stage they are more focussed on Method.Those who survive that stage get focussed on both Method and Money Management. Those who survive that stage add one more component, Mind and all the three put together the trader will be able to make consistent profits from the market.Those who reach that stage become more relaxed, quieter, not jumpy in the markes.They are focussed well on money management and risk orientation.Their trading system is in place, they are at peace with themselves and they spent more and more time thinking how to allocate their trading capital in order to reduce overall risks.This takes years of experience to reach this stage.Forex trading is not get rich quick scheme.Like any other profession in medicine, law or arts , to become an expert trader and to trade for living also takes time.Muraleedharan

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trading Plan for currency Trading.

Your trading plan consists of your entry , stop loss exit , profit target exit and risk to reward ratio.You have a set up you trade and entry trigger signal.Before entering itself you should plan for two exits. One is a stop loss exit and the second is a profit target exit.Your risk to reward should be 1:2.5 for swing trading in my opinion.Imagine you have an entry signal where your stop loss need to be placed 2 dollars and your target is only 1 dollar. This is a high risk condition and you should pass on the trade even though you have an entry signal. You should wait for low risk entries.When a trader becomes risk oriented that is the stage in which currency trader can pull out consistent profits from the market.If you have multiple trades you can plan for two profit target exits one with 1:1.5 risk to reward ratio and move the stop loss to entry point for the other remaining position to let the profits run.By moving the stop to entry level you have cut your lossess. Here you have incorporated all the three simple rules of trading in your plan ie 1)Cut your lossess 2) Let the profits run 3) Trade selectivity.You have become risk oriented and you take only selected low risk entries.Muraleedharan

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Currency Trading Structure

You must learn to initiate and manage your own trades, nothing else is going to work.John Piper explains about the trading pyramid.The trading pyramid consists of You, Commitment,Discipline,Money Management, Risk Control, The Three Simple Rues( ie 1) Cut Your Lossess 2) Run Your Profits 3)Trade Selectively , )System Parameters , Your Methodology, Operation of your methodology in markets, The result ie profit or loss.This is the structure of the Pyramid.Each trader already has such a structure in place but if trading and losing then the pyramid needs to be rebuilt.There should be harmony with each level of this structure.The first three levels You, Commitment and Discipline are personel levels.You have never looked to any markets for these three levels.The next five levels have to do with developing your methodology.Your evolution as a trader will sum up all the levels into you inherently and you develop yourself as a expert trader with intution.This requires hours of deliberate practice in the currency markets.Muraleedharan

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Belief in your version of the Currency Market

How you think of the currency market is unique and exists only in your head.To win in in the currency market consistently and make currency trading for your living, you have to ensure that your version of the currency market is useful and then make use of it.What you see as currency market is shrouded with in the emotional whirlwind.The whirlwind may get a lot faster when you have a trading position in the currency market.The currency trading is not difficult, although nor is it easy, but the emotional problems we bring with us to the currency market mean that few only win.
In trading environment there is no absolute truth.We never know what is the right thing to do in any one situation and what is the right for one trader is wrong for another.We therefore have to formulate 'useful beliefs' which work for us.Given the fact that nothing in currency trading is cast in iron, it is important you discover useful beliefs that will form the basis of your trading philosophy.In similar vein it is your personality which should guide you in your search for the right approach.You have to formulate your own useful beliefs and use in the market with good money management and risk control to make consistent profits from the market and to have a good living from the currency markets.Muraleedharan