Monday, July 28, 2008

Game of Averages

When a trader first enter in the arena of trading with full of energy, enthusiasm, and hopping to make good money looks for perfect methods which will give success every time.He changes from system to system just like searching a black cat in a dark room. It is nowhere. He gets dssipated of all his enrgies.
There is no holy grail in trading.It is a game of probability and averages.If you can find a method which gives you 40 and above winning percentage with a good risk reward ratio and you can trade the method day out and day in you make good money in trading.Easily said but very difficult to practice
EURUSD pair in a tight range .Broke HP of 25th July 08 ,1.5753 to touch 1.5769.There is no follow through of the break-out.Be on the side line waiting for a clear direction this week.

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