Saturday, November 29, 2008

You are important in currency trading.

Trading is a life experience, it is not like any other business.As you become a better trader, you become a better person.But as you evolve it is difficult to look back at where you were.There is no right or wrong ways to trade.You cannot copy trades of others.You have to find an approach which works for and in which you are comfortable. That is the most difficult part of trading.To find out your own way to success. That requires commitment and discipline.When you think of discipline the first question springs into your mind is that how can you be disciplined? You should have found out your approach to the currency markets to be disciplined.Once you have your own approach you should be disciplined follow your approach strictly in word and spirit.This is where the discipline comes. If you don't have your approach you cannot be disciplined and you trade emotionally and loose your capital.
This is why I said you are the important factor in keeping commitment, finding out your approach, and keeping strict discipline to your approach and all the more erasing harmful personality traits which is detrimental to the success in currency trading. You, commitment and discipline are three basic ingredients to keep you consistently successful in currency markets. Muraleedharan

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