Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be an Expert in your chosen approach.

You must devise a methodology and then use it.By practice, you become an expert in its application and then money flows in your way.To be truly successful you have to become intuitive, and this simply means you become an expert, in which you do, some thing you achieve through experience. You can observe market action and draw appropriate conclusions from that.But whichever style you adopt you need to decide what triggers you into a trade and also how to get out.To master trade selectivity, you have to become an expert in your chosen approach.The key aspect of your approach is that you filter out a vast amount of market information and just focus on those factors which you need to know.It is a lot easier becoming an expert in a narrow field than a wide one.The various sources of market information's are so vast, that is not possible to take it all in.Let alone become an expert in your chosen approach.You must decide what information you want, design your approach and then use it.Become an expert and you will find you become intuitive, that is when you can select only the best trading positions, the low risk ones.Then it will all go the right way.Muraleedharan.

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