Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Levels of Currency Traders.

The most important asset to you as a currency trader is your raw intelligence, common sense, intuition, emotional control and skills developed through dedication, time and copious amounts of hard work.
Level one. Beginner Trader. Beginners study and paper trade for a minimum of one moth with pretend currency, gaining the experience required to establish a track record of profitable performance.
Level Two. Advanced Beginner.Trades one or two lots with real money, learning to overcome emotions and at the same time establish a track record of making money.
Level Three. Competent Trader.Trades with control over his emotional distractions, utilizes proper equity management and achieves a financial return.
Level Four.Proficient Trader. Trades are made utilizing confidence, education, experience and the trader achieves financial returns.
Level Five. Expert Trader.Instinctively executes profitable trades without emotion.
Muraleedharan. http://stockscentral.blogspot.com

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