Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Multimodel Processing of information & trainning in extremity.

There are different learning styles and most people have strengths and weaknesses as learners.An acronym that is useful in remembering learning styles is VARK .V for visual, A for auditory, R for read and write, K for kinesthetic (kinesthetic learners learns by doing).If we hear it , see it,read it and do it the skill and information is more likely to become your second nature.You internalise the skills. TIE (Trainning in extremity).Successful trainning and development of expertise commonly involves performing skills under highly challenging and even adverse conditions.The expert performer builds mental toughness and develops the inner confidence that he or she can handle anything.Speed of processing and executing skills is every bit as important as acquiring these skills.Expertise consists of taking what starts out as effortful and making it automatic more and more efficient.Currency trading is a crucible of life, it distills in a matter of minutes, the basic human challenge, the need to judge,plan and seek values under conditions of risk and uncertainity.In mastering currency trading, we necesarily face and master oursleves.

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