Thursday, January 1, 2009

Philosophy of Zen Buddism in Currency Trading.

How Zen Buddism is related to currency trading? As soon as the performer consciously think of his
performance he is no longer one with it.Trying harder at a task only compounds this seperation.The discipline of the zen archer can be found in the performers ability to still the mind, remove mental interference, and allow instinctively honed skills to manifest themselves naturally.Trading in the 'Zone',
emphasise the importance of focus and concentrating in reaching ' a state when trading flaws without seeming effort'. This is the level a trader should aim for.Once the trader is lost in the patterns of fear,greed and frustration, the zone is lost and instincts born of long hours of observing market patterns cannot emerge.For the trader as for the zen archer, turning off the mind is a crucial element in success.Or to put it in other way the state in which the performance is one and the same with the performer , that is the expert level in which an expert trader gets intutive feeling of the market.This level cannot be reached all of a sudden or overnight.This takes years of dliberate practice with defenite goals and innumerable hours of experiencing varied market under different conditions to internalise the nature of the market and to act instinctively.All successful traders who make their living has transformed to this level over a period of time.Muraleedharan

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